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Important Update re: Bayh-Dole Law and Policy: Another "March-In" Petition

Another “march-in petition” has been filed recently as part of the on-going implementation of the Bayh-Dole system. The attached web page provides access to the petition, cover letter, and broader context. Now, several groups are seeking march-in against a series of AIDS/HIV related drug patents. Funding for the underlying inventions was provided by the NIH.  No … Continue reading this entry

Another Bayh-Dole March-In Petition Failed? (Fabrazyme Story Not Finished?)

In our prior August 12, 2010 blog posting, we noted the Fabrazyme march-in rights controversy where the NIH was petitioned to "march-in" to more openly allow licensing of patent rights for Fabrazyme. The NIH ultimately rejected this petition in December, 2010, but requested monthly updates on the situation and an alert when certain licenses were requested. The nine … Continue reading this entry

Potential Bombshell in the Making Over Patent March-In Rights ?! Give Us Drugs or Give Us...

A potential "bombshell" is in the making which could ultimately impact nanotech and cleantech:  On August 2, 2010, several persons with Fabry disease petitioned the federal government (NIH) to effectively break an exclusive license held by Genzyme for the drug Fabrazyme®. To date, the government has only reviewed three of these march-in petitions and, to … Continue reading this entry

Federal Government Clarifies "March-In" Rights Under Bayh-Dole System

In the 09-742 GAO report addressing the government’s right to assert ownership over federal funded inventions, the government produced an important survey on the current understanding among leading federal research agencies about march-in rights under the Bayh-Dole system.  This report has considerable implications for cutting edge nano and clean technologies, which often are based on … Continue reading this entry