Congratulations to the nano biotechnology company, NanoBio: See recent articles, below, e.g., "NanoBio Nabs $6M from Gates Foundation for Nasal Spray Vaccine". Hopefully, the nanoemulsion technology will allow one to avoid needles and promote global health.

Prominent billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Ted Turner have been in the news media recently talking about how and why they "give" money away. It will be interesting to see what else can be given to nanotechnology, nano biotechnology, and cleantech. And, what kind of creative licensing arrangements can be achieved to create "win-win" outcomes? What strategy will they use to promote health in poor countries, and will they also turn to venture capital types of strategies at all?

Has nanotech’s time come? As Warren Buffet allegedly has said, "If you wait until you see the robin, spring will already be over. Buy soon, or you will miss the opportunity."  (Also, Christmas is here.  :)

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