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2013 Mid-Year Review of Nanotech Patent Class 977

For the first time, the USPTO is on pace to issue over 1,000 patents of nanotechnology class 977 in a single year. From 1/1/2013 to 6/30/2013, the USPTO issued 531 patents of nanotechnology class 977. Among them, 278 patents (52.4%) have at least one assignee located in the United States, proving that the US continues to be … Continue reading this entry

Update on Nanotechnology Class 977 Patent Filings in 2013 - the Patent Race Slows an Ounce?

2013 is flying by, remarkably fast, so it was time to check how the class 977 patent filings are coming for the new year. Last year provided a record 4,098 nanotechnology publications. After 16 weeks in 2013, the PTO is on pace to publish 3,478 nanotechnology publications. While the number is projected to be lower, there is still clearly … Continue reading this entry

2012 Remarkable Year for U.S. Nanotechnology Patenting - Over 4,000 Nanotechnology Applications Published

The nanotechnology patent filing boom continues. In 2012, the USPTO published 4,098 nanotechnology class 977 applications, which represents a 19.2% increase over last year. By way of comparison, in 2008, the USPTO published only 827 nanotechnology applications, and in 2009, only 1,499. Hence, the number has almost tripled in three years. This patenting trend is consistent, as … Continue reading this entry

Nanotech Patent Publication Record Explosion Continues for 2012

Patent publications continued last week on Thursday, despite Thanksgiving. We checked. The USPTO continues to be on pace to publish about 4,000 nanotech class 977 patent publications in 2012. This would be a record as the previous high last year was 3,439. This record explosion is a solid, long-term trend, representing a substantive increase of at least 15%, as noted … Continue reading this entry

"Onslaught of Nanotech Drugs Coming Down the Pike" (For FDA Review)

The September 3, 2012 issue of C&EN discusses what it calls an “onslaught of nanotech drugs coming down the pike” for FDA review.  See article entitled “Mapping Nanotech Drugs’ Landscape,” pp. 46, 48. The FDA is generating a database for nanotech drugs and currently has 158 entries according to the article.  The leading application area … Continue reading this entry

Nanotechnology Patent Filing Explosion Continues on a Record Pace in 2012

We confirm that a nanotechnology patent filing explosion continues at a record pace in 2012 as we enter the final trimester of the year. On July 8, 2012, we reported that the USPTO was on pace to publish a record number of class 977 nanotechnology patent applications (over 4,000). This was also noted in past postings and … Continue reading this entry

USPTO Has Now Published Over 2,000 Nanotechnology Patent Applications in 2012: The Explosion Continues

The USPTO has now in 2012, as of July 5, published 2,137 patent applications falling within the nanotech 977 classification. If that publication rate continues, 2012 will be another record year for nanotech patent application publishing at the USPTO. Aproximately 4,000 will publish this year if the trend continues. Last year, a record 3,439 nanotech 977 applications were published, so … Continue reading this entry

Critical Trend: Nanotech Patenting Continues to Rise in 2012 Driving Commercialization (Potentially)

Today, a fresh crop of 102 nanotech class 977 patent publications were published at the US PTO.  The total now for 2012 is 1,249, which projects to the end of the year to be 3,608. If this continues through 2012, it will be another record year for publishing nanotech 977 patent applications. The numbers go up each year: … Continue reading this entry

Military Leads Early 2012 Funding of Nanotech U.S. Patent Publications

2012 is well underway with class 977 nanotech patent publications continuing to issue at high rates. We have noted the explosive growth of 977 nanotech patenting many times previously. To date in 2012, 219 patent publications have published in the 977 patent class, which projects early on to about 2,850 patent publications for the year. While it … Continue reading this entry

2011 Finishes with Record Number of Nanotech 977 Patent Publications

Building on our prior December 10, 2011 blog post, we can now confirm as 2011 finishes that the PTO on Thursday set a record in publishing nanotech 977 patents. The final count for the year was 3,439. Last year was only 2,770, in contrast (2009 was only 1,499). Will investors and the federal government take … Continue reading this entry

Nanotech Patent Counting in 2011: Record Numbers, Slight Growth... Good Management

Today, Tuesday, was the last day in 2011 in which the US PTO granted patents (actually, the clock is now unfortunately past midnight so seems it was yesterday now). The 977 nanotech patent count for 2011 is now in: 792 nanotech patents were granted (classified as 977 patents). That is up from 780 in 2010, and only 532 … Continue reading this entry

Patent Explosion for 977 Patent Publications Continues as 2011 Finishes

Patent filing data are suggesting (if not confirming) that nanotechnology is an increasingly important technology sector in the U.S. For example, in 2004, the US PTO created the 977 nanotechnology class which provides a useful metric. In 2011, the 10,000th nanotechnology 977 patent publication published. The current patent publication count stands at 10,735 (as of December 8, 2011). … Continue reading this entry

Thanksgiving Day's Bumper Crop of Nanotech 977 Patent Publications

While Thanksgiving this year was a holiday for most of us, filled with visiting relatives, turkey, and football, the US PTO quietly published a bumper crop of nanotech 977 patent applications on Thanksgiving Day – 62 to be precise! Some of my “favorites” include those with applications in cleantech and bionanotech. In addition, the intersection … Continue reading this entry

CREATE Act: Patent Reform and Use in 977 Nanotech Patents

One aspect of the current patent reform debate is whether the CREATE Act will be preserved or modified.  Briefly, the CREATE Act seeks to promote joint research activities and allows, in essence, one to exclude as prior art selected patent filings from other parties to a joint research agreement.  The statute requires that the patent application … Continue reading this entry

PTO Today Grants 7,000th Class 977 Nanotechnology Patent

Patents are much in the press these days with respect to patent reform legislation, recently passed by the House and Senate.  More quietly on the patent front, however, the US PTO today granted its 7,000th class 977 nanotechnology patent (patents grant each Tuesday, and the total count for 977 patents now stands at 7,001).  The grant is … Continue reading this entry

A General Practice Firm Obtains Many Nanotech Patents

I was curious about which law firms obtain the most class 977 nanotech patents.  So I searched the US PTO public database for granted patents focusing on the legal representative search field combined with the 977 classification search field.  I searched firms which, from my experience, seemed to be active with nanotechnology.  Also, I searched … Continue reading this entry

Nanotech 977 Patent Filings Remains Strong; Updating the NNI Web Page

We have commented before about the rapid rise of nanotech 977 patenting (see our May 27, 2011 blog entry, for example).  This past week (June 9, 2011), a large number, 78, of new patent applications published under the 977 nanotech classification, which again validates the proposition that nanotech patenting is increasing.  I continue to be impressed … Continue reading this entry

What Gives? Tripling Explosion in 977 Nanotech Patenting and the NNI Web Page

The USPTO is publishing triple the number of 977 patent publications compared to only several years ago! What gives? For example, I noticed that yesterday, May 26, 2011, the USPTO published 72 nanotech 977 patent publications. That struck me as a lot to review if you want to follow nanotechnology. The week before was 65; … Continue reading this entry

Just Another Patent Tuesday: Nanotech Patents Continue to Roll

Each Tuesday, including today, November 9, 2010, a fresh crop of new patents are published by the US PTO. Today, for example, 16 new nanotechnology class 977 patents issued. To date, 2010 has been a bumper year for the 977 type of nanotech patents, as the PTO has granted 674 nanopatents with seven Tuesdays to go. That is a very large … Continue reading this entry