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A123's Latest Twist Into Business History: Wanxiang Buy Out, Minus Government Business

There is another update in the story of the nanotech/cleantech company A123, which recently declared bankruptcy. According to the Washington Post this weekend, “Wanxiang America, the U.S. arm of a Chinese automotive parts giant, won the bidding for a bankrupt Massachusetts-based lithium battery manufacturer that was once hailed as a cornerstone of President Obama’s quest for … Continue reading this entry

The Value of IP: Concern re: IP "Going to China" in A123 Bankruptcy

Media reports re A123 System’s bankruptcy confirm that A123′s intellectual property is an important part throughout the lifecycle of a struggling company. While Johnson Controls was an initial suitor for A123′s assets, the Wanxiang Group is also now inserting itself into the bankruptcy proceeding. However, concern is present that the IP could “go to China.” In any event, stay tuned. Emerging … Continue reading this entry

Connecting Nanotechnology, the Economy, and IP Law - Part 1

During a down economy, many nanotechnology companies rely heavily on government grants as the influx of funds from private investors decreseases.  As a result, these companies become particularly sensitive to IP disputes since many grants place limits on the use of funds to subsidize legal costs.  In some cases, nanotechnology companies may risk bankruptcy if issues dealling with  trade secret misappropriation, determintation of joint or sole inventorship, … Continue reading this entry