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The Value of IP: Concern re: IP "Going to China" in A123 Bankruptcy

Media reports re A123 System’s bankruptcy confirm that A123′s intellectual property is an important part throughout the lifecycle of a struggling company. While Johnson Controls was an initial suitor for A123′s assets, the Wanxiang Group is also now inserting itself into the bankruptcy proceeding. However, concern is present that the IP could “go to China.” In any event, stay tuned. Emerging … Continue reading this entry

Cleantech's Future and China - China's Latest and Radical Push in IP

Anyone interested in cleantech and China will want to review new reporting from the NY Times.   The upshot is China further expressly clarified its intent to push patenting radically, particularly in areas it has prioritized including cleantech and batteries. Patenting is not the same as innovation, but the two are linked.  Another good read on this … Continue reading this entry

Patents Coming from Innovation in China: Look Out ?!

China continues to grow, and the growth is impacting patenting. I was reminded of the importance of these trends during a recent visit from a Taiwanese law firm which also operates in China. In addition, the Economist recently reported on China’s patent efforts (Oct. 16-22 issue, pages 78-79). One ignores these trends at one’s peril. Companies must … Continue reading this entry