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What is Cool About Additive Manufacturing? PTO Event Today Shows the Latest for This Economic Engine

I attended today the USPTO partnership meeting on “additive manufacturing” (aka 3D Printing). The content was excellent, covering both talks and demonstrations. Companies presenting included 3D Systems, Stratasys, Shapeways, MakerBot, Ex One, and EOS. Several hundred persons attended, including in person and via the web, and the room energy was excellent throughout the three hours plus of content. The 3D printing … Continue reading this entry

Critical Materials a Post-Election Priority for Obama Administration, OSTP

The OSTP has provided updated information noting two efforts by the Obama administration related to materials. This includes the older Materials Genome Initiative and the newer Critical Materials Initiative (a Department of Energy program). Other efforts from the Obama administration in connecting technology and economic policy include the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership. The Materials Genome Initiative is now about a … Continue reading this entry

Nanotechnology Meets Spiderman and Robots (ok, Bio-inspired Adhesives) !

I saw this recent BBC article re spiderman and nanotechnology – enjoy.  The article notes the technology of one company, nanoGriptech, which is a spin-off company from Carnegie Mellon University (see Professor Metin Sitti).  More generally, the article relates to bio-inspired adhesives (see geckos, for example) and applications with robotics.  NanoGriptech was funded early on by … Continue reading this entry

Commercialization of Self-Healing Coatings: AMI Funded in Round B

Miracles of nature and science are all around us, and one of them is the abilty of an organism to heal itself.  If skin is cut, the skin can repair itself.  Can that concept also be applied to synthetic materials and coatings?  One company trying to commercialize the concept is Autonomic Materials, Inc. (AMI).  In … Continue reading this entry

From Band-Aids to ______________ - Ten Ways Nanotech is Used Right Now (And Don't Even Know It!)

MSNBC web page today has posted an excellent brief piece on ten ways nanotech is being used now and people may not even know it.  We recommend looking.  Number one was band-aids; others are cool; but they finish with an eye-opener…. not necessarily appropriate for a law firm blog arguably ?  Please read and enjoy.… Continue reading this entry

Nanotechnology Patent Filing Explosion Continues on a Record Pace in 2012

We confirm that a nanotechnology patent filing explosion continues at a record pace in 2012 as we enter the final trimester of the year. On July 8, 2012, we reported that the USPTO was on pace to publish a record number of class 977 nanotechnology patent applications (over 4,000). This was also noted in past postings and … Continue reading this entry

NNI's Sensors: New Federal Nanosensor Initiative Announced

The NNI is now presenting to the public a new signature initiative devoted to sensors. Two thrusts are identified: (1) use of nanotechnology in building sensors, and (2) develop better sensing methods for detecting nanomaterials. An associated white paper provides more details. This is the fifth signature initiative from the NNI. According to the announcement, past sensor work has been … Continue reading this entry

Predicting the Properties of Nanomaterials: Nanotech Moving Ahead

The Materials Genome Initiative received a boost this week when the OSTP (Office of Science Technology Policy) announced important updates. Several of these relate directly to nanotechnology. For example, the NNI (National Nanotechnology Initiative) has now set fourth its fourth signature initiative, called Nanotechnology Knowledge Infrastructure (NKI). A key aspect of NKI is predicting the properties of … Continue reading this entry

Critical Trend: Nanotech Patenting Continues to Rise in 2012 Driving Commercialization (Potentially)

Today, a fresh crop of 102 nanotech class 977 patent publications were published at the US PTO.  The total now for 2012 is 1,249, which projects to the end of the year to be 3,608. If this continues through 2012, it will be another record year for publishing nanotech 977 patent applications. The numbers go up each year: … Continue reading this entry

Carbon Nanotubes Continue to Amaze from 9 nm to 32 Feet

Carbon nanotubes continue to demonstrate amazing versatility. For example, IBM recently announced 9 nm transistors that outperform silicon. Nanocomp makes larger carbon nanotube structures and show, on their web page, 32 foot sheets. The web page, www.nano.gov, is doing a better job in 2012 compared to 2011 in conveying updates in the nanotech world, including the IBM development … Continue reading this entry

Nanotechnology for Defense Conference: Celebrating Ten Years, Call for Abstracts, and Some History

This year is the ten year anniversary for a leading nanotechnology conference, the Nanotechnology for Defense Conference (NT4D). The call for abstracts indicates a February 18, 2012 initial deadline. The conference will be held August 6-10 in Summerlin, Nevada. Defense is one of the fundamental and perhaps the most stable pillar for nanotechnology commercialization, along with other … Continue reading this entry

Nanotechnology in the Popular Press: Another Excellent, Recent Example from The Economist

Nanotechnology has made it again into some mainstream press. The December 3, 2011 edition of The Economist has a 28 page Technology Quarterly which is a must-read for those that follow nanotech. Nanotechnology’s role in commercialization efforts is noted in several of the articles – good to see! First, there is “Getting Past the Guards,” an article on … Continue reading this entry

Patent Explosion for 977 Patent Publications Continues as 2011 Finishes

Patent filing data are suggesting (if not confirming) that nanotechnology is an increasingly important technology sector in the U.S. For example, in 2004, the US PTO created the 977 nanotechnology class which provides a useful metric. In 2011, the 10,000th nanotechnology 977 patent publication published. The current patent publication count stands at 10,735 (as of December 8, 2011). … Continue reading this entry


Significant interesting OLED news seems to be crossing my desk more and more these days. Interest is high both for lighting and displays. OLED is part of the larger subject termed variously as “organic electronics” or “printed electronics.”    For example, UDC has been announcing a variety of new updates which resulted in a recent stock surge. On … Continue reading this entry

Nanotechnology as a Gift, Senate Hearing Held Today

A Senate subcommittee held a hearing today generally praising nanotech and discussing its future.  The hearing title was "National Nanotechnology Investment: Manufacturing, Commercialization, and Job Creation."  The attached link provides two plus hours of the hearing.  Good to see past nanotechnology investment maturing and becoming an increasingly positive force, despite the climate of tough budget decisions.  Past … Continue reading this entry

Nanotech Commercialization in the News Again, This Time Quantum Dots

The Economist featured quantum dot commercialization in displays as its lead science and technology article in its June 18, 2011 issue (pages 85-86).  For example, Nanosys is reported to be working on quantum dots applications for LCD displays.  OLED display technology is discussed, including quantum dots potential role in OLED.  Finally, quantum dot application in … Continue reading this entry

NNI's New Strategic Plan Released As Budget Negotiations Over Innovation Intensify

The NNI has now released its February 2011 strategic plan. One goal is of particular interest: Goal 2 continues to be: "Foster the Transfer of New Technologies into Products for Commercial and Public Benefit." In addition, DOE contributions in this strategy focus on solar, energy storage, alternative fuels, and energy efficiency. Signature Initiatives continue to … Continue reading this entry

Russian Investment in Plastic Logic - Think Global

Media reports show Plastic Logic is to receive up to $700 million in a deal with Rusnano.  The money will help finance construction of a plastic electronics fabrication plant in Zelenograd, outside Moscow. Think global: The international intrigue demonstrates the span of possibilities for those who think globally in their business planning. This also further demonstrates … Continue reading this entry