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Critical Materials a Post-Election Priority for Obama Administration, OSTP

The OSTP has provided updated information noting two efforts by the Obama administration related to materials. This includes the older Materials Genome Initiative and the newer Critical Materials Initiative (a Department of Energy program). Other efforts from the Obama administration in connecting technology and economic policy include the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership. The Materials Genome Initiative is now about a … Continue reading this entry

Military Leads Early 2012 Funding of Nanotech U.S. Patent Publications

2012 is well underway with class 977 nanotech patent publications continuing to issue at high rates. We have noted the explosive growth of 977 nanotech patenting many times previously. To date in 2012, 219 patent publications have published in the 977 patent class, which projects early on to about 2,850 patent publications for the year. While it … Continue reading this entry

New Web Page at DOE; Activity with Solar and Powder Atomization Technologies

The DOE is staying active this summer (despite Washington budget quagmires) and now provides us with an upgraded web page.  Several highlights today include: 1)  Major loan guarantee for solar ($967 M) ! 2)  Updates on the SunShot solar program:  $50 M is provided. 3)  Updates on the "America’s Next Top Energy Innovator" challenge:  Ames … Continue reading this entry

Good News, Bad News - Cleantech Riddles and ARPA-E

How should we interpret various media reports, providing mixtures of good and bad cleantech news? For example: The DOE recently announced six examples of cleantech companies which received both significant ARPA-E funding and private sector funding. Five of the six companies are Massachusetts companies. According to Secretary Chu, these companies received approximately $24 million in … Continue reading this entry

Something New Under the Sun: The DOE's Commercialization Portal

The Department of Energy has announced updated information about its new, expanded Web portal devoted to commercializing technology related to energy. Formally, the portal is entitled Energy Innovation Portal, Linking Energy Technologies with Market Opportunities. One major emphasis is patent licensing (or more generally, technology transfer, and one can search a database of patent literature … Continue reading this entry