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3D Printing Updates: ExOne IPO, Antitrust, and Nanoscribe

Some important 3D printing updates, including micro- and nanoscale printing. First, the ExOne IPO had an early surge according to press reports. ExOne is located in North Huntingdon, PA. Second, the antitrust litigation involving 3D Systems had a major development recently. Apart from the legal analysis, the judge’s opinion (28 pages) has some interesting reading about the markets and technology … Continue reading this entry

Aerogel Commercialization and Patenting Moving Forward

Aerogel patenting is holding steady. For example, since 2004, 78-110 US patent publications consistently emerge each year which cite “aerogel” in the claims or abstract.  2011 is holding steady with a projected number at 94. Aerogels are a unique nanomaterial, known for their lightweight and insulation properties. Some of their history can be found on the web. Important markets can be … Continue reading this entry

Lithium-Ion Battery Start-Ups Gain Stimulus Funding

If A123Systems receipt of a $249 million Department of Energy grant and later success as the largest IPO of 2009 was any indicator, battery start-ups in 2010 are likely to lead the wave of cleantech success. For example, hybrid cars are taking on an increasing portion of the automotive market and in turn, the development of efficient lithium-ion batteries is a continuing hot … Continue reading this entry