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Review of "Cellular Surgeons: The New Era of Nanomedicine"

“Cellular surgeons” and “molecular E.R.” are just some of the fascinating concepts that were under discussion at the May 30th World Science Festival’s “Cellular Surgeons: The New Era of Nanomedicine” event. The panel featured a physician, a physicist, and a robotocist discussing the latest trends driving future nanomedicine strategies. The replay link includes video of a pill-sized minimally invasive device currently … Continue reading this entry

Nanomedicine Hitting Its Stride? Beware of Patent Risks

Though the first nanoparticulate drug formulation was approved by the U.S. FDA way back in 1995, a recent flurry of deals and product approvals have shown increasingly high valuations for nanomedicine companies. As with any hot technology area, investors should carefully consider the patent landscape before plunging in. Patent activity in nanomedicine has grown exponentially … Continue reading this entry

Nanomedicine Showing its Value ....and the Press is Noticing

The Economist, one of the more worthy media sources these days for connecting technology to larger society, included a page on nanomedicine in its special issue, “The World in 2013.” (page 128). The article is by Professors Omid Farokhzad and Rober Langer and focuses on bio nanotechnology from BIND Biosciences. BIND recently announced a development deal with Amgen. Professor … Continue reading this entry

Nanotechnology in the Popular Press: Another Excellent, Recent Example from The Economist

Nanotechnology has made it again into some mainstream press. The December 3, 2011 edition of The Economist has a 28 page Technology Quarterly which is a must-read for those that follow nanotech. Nanotechnology’s role in commercialization efforts is noted in several of the articles – good to see! First, there is “Getting Past the Guards,” an article on … Continue reading this entry

The Controversial Myriad Case and Nanotech: Some Thoughts

The impact of the controversial Myriad gene patent litigation is not yet fully known, despite Friday’s Federal Circuit panel ruling which is being covered extensively in the general and legal media.  Quite possibly, the full Federal Circuit and the Supreme Court will weigh in on the case, so we must wait and see for what the full … Continue reading this entry

Nanotech to the Rescue Again for Regenerative Medicine

Nanotechnology made headline news this week with an inspiring, good news nano biotechnology health story, as reported in the Wall Street Journal (on-line). A medical team led by Dr. Paolo Macchiarini in Sweden was able to insert a lab made trachea in a patient suffering from throat cancer.  Nanoengineered polymers were used.  No cadavers were used.  … Continue reading this entry