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Quantum Dots Enter Mainstream Mobile Device Market

Last month, Amazon released Kindle Fire HDX 7 — the first ever mobile device to feature a quantum-dot-enhanced display. The 7” display includes a Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF) produced by 3M in collaboration with Nanosys, Inc.  Compared to conventional LED-LCD display, the QDEF essentially replaces the YAG phosphor of the white LED backlight and functions as … Continue reading this entry

Nanomedicine Showing its Value ....and the Press is Noticing

The Economist, one of the more worthy media sources these days for connecting technology to larger society, included a page on nanomedicine in its special issue, “The World in 2013.” (page 128). The article is by Professors Omid Farokhzad and Rober Langer and focuses on bio nanotechnology from BIND Biosciences. BIND recently announced a development deal with Amgen. Professor … Continue reading this entry

"Onslaught of Nanotech Drugs Coming Down the Pike" (For FDA Review)

The September 3, 2012 issue of C&EN discusses what it calls an “onslaught of nanotech drugs coming down the pike” for FDA review.  See article entitled “Mapping Nanotech Drugs’ Landscape,” pp. 46, 48. The FDA is generating a database for nanotech drugs and currently has 158 entries according to the article.  The leading application area … Continue reading this entry

Hydraulic Fracturing Patent Literature on the Rise (With Nanotech Contributions)!

Patent filings which refer to hydraulic fracturing are on the rise. In fact, the number appears to have almost doubled in the past five years. This is based on a review of the published patent applications at the USPTO web site. In 2012, pro-rated as of today, there should be about 473 patent applications publishing. In 2007, that … Continue reading this entry

Nanotechnology in the Popular News for Skin Treatments, Gene Regulation and siRNA Methods

The popular news webpage msnbc.com is featuring an article in their health section on bio nanotechnology with headline, “Gene healing in a lotion? Researchers say they’re close.” Northwestern University research is highlighted, coming from the laboratories of Professor Chad Mirkin. The technology, as you can read, relates to siRNA methods. This an active area of nanotechnology with potentially blockbuster … Continue reading this entry

Bottled Lightning: A Great Book on Nanotech, Cleantech, Batteries, and the Electric Car

Have been reading the 2011 book, Bottled Lightning, Superbatteries, Electric Cars, and the New Lithium Economy, by Seth Fletcher.  An excellent read for anyone interested in cleantech and nanotech commercialization.  The focus is on the lithium ion battery and its scientific, engineering,  and manufacturing history.  Also, its application to the electric car.  The need for high energy density … Continue reading this entry

Nanoparticles in the Environment - EHS Now Part of Undergraduate Research

Interesting example yesterday for how nanotechnology is presented to the public and forming part of our educational systems, including EHS aspects. We visited Virginia Tech for the day as part of my daughter’s evaluation of prospective colleges. Our interests included their engineering departments. In their visitor building, where the tours start, Virginia Tech includes presentation material for several nanotechnology-related issues … Continue reading this entry

Nanotech and Cancer: The Latest

I pass on some information which stems from a conference I attended in December on federal research programs in nanotechnology (NNI at Ten event), which also included nanotech work at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). In case you want to read more on nanotech approaches to winning the war on cancer, the NCI also published … Continue reading this entry

Nanobacteria and Calcifying Nanoparticles: A Story and Some Patents

The important and controversial story of the discovery of "nanobacteria" was recently summarized in the book, Every Living Thing, Man’s Obsessive Quest to Catalog Life, from Nanobacteria to New Monkeys (by Rob Dunn, 2009). Readers interested in how nanotechnology may impact human health should monitor this subject. What is the role of nanoparticles in our bodies, difficult … Continue reading this entry

"Our Particles Aren't as Bad as Your Particles" - with a particular nanotwist

Environmental, health, and safety issues are a top priority for nanotech now, as reflected in presentations at the NNI at Ten event in DC last week. Now, we can review and comment at www.nano.gov the draft “National Nanotechnology Initiative 2011 Environmental, Health, and Safety Strategy,” which is only 106 pages. I could not help but connect … Continue reading this entry

AuraSense Strikes Gold to Treat Cardiovascular Disease

Nano biotechnology innovations offer some of the more promising opportunities for the development of medical imaging and diagnostic tools.  According to U.S. Patent Application Publication No. 2009/0324706, assigned on its face to Northwestern University, gold-nanoparticles can be used to direct the synthesis of structures on which lippid bilayers may be supported.  Because the lippid structures sequester cholesterol, the structures can be imaged in localized regions … Continue reading this entry