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Will the Supreme Court Limit Nanotech Patents?

In a case styled The Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, the Supreme Court is confronting the question of whether or not human genes are patent eligible under 35 U.S.C. 101. A decision is expected in the near future. A primary argument of the parties opposing gene patents is that such patents prevent others from conducting … Continue reading this entry

Nanotechnology Meets Spiderman and Robots (ok, Bio-inspired Adhesives) !

I saw this recent BBC article re spiderman and nanotechnology – enjoy.  The article notes the technology of one company, nanoGriptech, which is a spin-off company from Carnegie Mellon University (see Professor Metin Sitti).  More generally, the article relates to bio-inspired adhesives (see geckos, for example) and applications with robotics.  NanoGriptech was funded early on by … Continue reading this entry

Commercialization of Self-Healing Coatings: AMI Funded in Round B

Miracles of nature and science are all around us, and one of them is the abilty of an organism to heal itself.  If skin is cut, the skin can repair itself.  Can that concept also be applied to synthetic materials and coatings?  One company trying to commercialize the concept is Autonomic Materials, Inc. (AMI).  In … Continue reading this entry

Patents on Treatment of Hydraulic Fracturing Water

We continue to monitor patent literature for water and liquid treatment technologies related to hydraulic fracturing (see our October 7, 2012 blog entry, for example). We did not see as many granted patents in 2010 and 2011 compared to 2012 (likely a trend reflecting the increased importance of hydraulic fracturing in recent years). One exception … Continue reading this entry

High Throughput, Inexpensive DNA Sequencing Hitting Main Stream Media (Secret Killer App for Nanotech)

Good to see: high throughput, inexpensive DNA sequencing is being featured on NPR this week in a series entitled the $1,000 Genome. Many of the technologies for this revolution in sequencing, of course, relate closing to or directly are nanotechnology (e.g., nanopore, microfluidic, and/or lab-on-a-chip technologies). Personalized medicine depends on it. More generally, the interface between biology and electronics is one of the most … Continue reading this entry

Nanotechnology Patent Filing Explosion Continues on a Record Pace in 2012

We confirm that a nanotechnology patent filing explosion continues at a record pace in 2012 as we enter the final trimester of the year. On July 8, 2012, we reported that the USPTO was on pace to publish a record number of class 977 nanotechnology patent applications (over 4,000). This was also noted in past postings and … Continue reading this entry

Bottled Lightning: A Great Book on Nanotech, Cleantech, Batteries, and the Electric Car

Have been reading the 2011 book, Bottled Lightning, Superbatteries, Electric Cars, and the New Lithium Economy, by Seth Fletcher.  An excellent read for anyone interested in cleantech and nanotech commercialization.  The focus is on the lithium ion battery and its scientific, engineering,  and manufacturing history.  Also, its application to the electric car.  The need for high energy density … Continue reading this entry

Diamond, One Important Arrow in the 2012 Advanced Materials Arsenal, Patent Efforts Increasing

One subject to watch in 2012 is diamond. Synthetic diamond is one important arrow in the arsenal of advanced materials and is an essential part of the carbon based nanomaterials scene including familiar materials in the press such as fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, and graphene. Synthetic diamond films and powders, however, are also an important part of nanotechnology … Continue reading this entry

Staying Awake on Best Mode as Patent Reform Steams Ahead to Enactment

One of the central aspects of the recently passed patent reform in Congress is the elimination of the best mode defense by amendment to 35 USC Section 282.  However, Congress did not in parallel eliminate the best mode from the requirements of 35 USC Section 112.  In other words, the US PTO is still supposed to grant patents … Continue reading this entry

Patent Reform to Impact Cleantech/Nanotech: Historic Vote Today

The Senate – finally – will vote on patent reform today at 4 p.m.  President Obama – finally – will sign the legislation soon after.  The President’s speech on jobs is set for this evening, and patent reform may be mentioned in the speech.  However, no one quite knows with certainty what the impact will … Continue reading this entry

CREATE Act: Patent Reform and Use in 977 Nanotech Patents

One aspect of the current patent reform debate is whether the CREATE Act will be preserved or modified.  Briefly, the CREATE Act seeks to promote joint research activities and allows, in essence, one to exclude as prior art selected patent filings from other parties to a joint research agreement.  The statute requires that the patent application … Continue reading this entry

Patent Reform: Cleantech and Nanotech View of the Scene

Current wisdom noted by some if not many pundits (and/or lawyers) is that patent reform could be passed as early as September.  One rationale for the September push is job creation.  Certainly, patent lawyers will be kept busy based on the complexities of the issues at hand.  Patent applicants and the whole innovation ecosystem will have to react quickly when … Continue reading this entry

Putting Green Claims Under the Microscope (but where is the Nanoscope?)

The environmental group, Friends of the Earth, has recently published an 88 page report called "Nanotechnology, Climate, and Energy: Over-Heated Promises and Hot Air?" Condensing a review of 88 pages into a brief blog post is no easy challenge, but let me try. The report purports to identify hot air. But is the report itself hot air? … Continue reading this entry

Nanotech, Cleantech, and Lerner's Book: Give Thanks for What Government is Doing?!

Last year, Josh Lerner published another provocative book, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Why Public Efforts to Boost Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Have Failed – and What to Do About It (Princeton University Press, 2009). Why bring this up now? Two reasons include: The ten year anniversary of the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) is at hand, and … Continue reading this entry