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Quantum Dots Enter Mainstream Mobile Device Market

Last month, Amazon released Kindle Fire HDX 7 — the first ever mobile device to feature a quantum-dot-enhanced display. The 7” display includes a Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF) produced by 3M in collaboration with Nanosys, Inc.  Compared to conventional LED-LCD display, the QDEF essentially replaces the YAG phosphor of the white LED backlight and functions as … Continue reading this entry

2013 Mid-Year Review of Nanotech Patent Class 977

For the first time, the USPTO is on pace to issue over 1,000 patents of nanotechnology class 977 in a single year. From 1/1/2013 to 6/30/2013, the USPTO issued 531 patents of nanotechnology class 977. Among them, 278 patents (52.4%) have at least one assignee located in the United States, proving that the US continues to be … Continue reading this entry

Update on Nanotechnology Class 977 Patent Filings in 2013 - the Patent Race Slows an Ounce?

2013 is flying by, remarkably fast, so it was time to check how the class 977 patent filings are coming for the new year. Last year provided a record 4,098 nanotechnology publications. After 16 weeks in 2013, the PTO is on pace to publish 3,478 nanotechnology publications. While the number is projected to be lower, there is still clearly … Continue reading this entry

Myriad's Impact on Nanotechnology? Nanotechnology's Impact on Myriad??

On April 15, 2013, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the Myriad Genetics v. Association for Molecular Pathology litigation. The patent world is watching, particularly those who focus on emerging technologies. On March 14, 2013, the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association filed a brief  in support of Myriad Genetics (brief prepared by Foley & Lardner, LLP). In addition … Continue reading this entry

Another Exciting Nano Biotechnology Development - From IBM

Technology Review recently highlighted new published research from IBM and others on nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging (or nanoscale NMR). Perhaps proteins can be imaged.  IBM nanoscale research is noted in this link. IBM has hundreds of granted patents falling into the class 977 nanotechnology class. IBM symbolizes as well as anyone the convergence revolution of physical sciences, biological … Continue reading this entry

What is Cool About Additive Manufacturing? PTO Event Today Shows the Latest for This Economic Engine

I attended today the USPTO partnership meeting on “additive manufacturing” (aka 3D Printing). The content was excellent, covering both talks and demonstrations. Companies presenting included 3D Systems, Stratasys, Shapeways, MakerBot, Ex One, and EOS. Several hundred persons attended, including in person and via the web, and the room energy was excellent throughout the three hours plus of content. The 3D printing … Continue reading this entry

Nanomedicine Showing its Value ....and the Press is Noticing

The Economist, one of the more worthy media sources these days for connecting technology to larger society, included a page on nanomedicine in its special issue, “The World in 2013.” (page 128). The article is by Professors Omid Farokhzad and Rober Langer and focuses on bio nanotechnology from BIND Biosciences. BIND recently announced a development deal with Amgen. Professor … Continue reading this entry

Learning From Germany re Advanced Manufacturing, Including 3-D Printing and Nanotechnology

In Germany this week on business which has me thinking about some things related to Germany. For example, what can we learn from Germany and their relative economic success, including energy policy and manufacturing? Important current article in Technology Review reviews the current debate on manufacturing and the wisdom in looking to Germany for clues. Advanced manufacturing, including 3-D … Continue reading this entry

From Visioneers to 3D Printing - Where is Nanotech Going?

Another interesting nanotechnology book recently appeared, The Visioneers, by W. Patrick McCray, 2013, 323 pages, $29.95 hardback at Barnes & Noble (“How a group of elite scientists pursued space colonies, nanotechnologies, and a limitless future”). One focus in this book is on the history of nanotechnology up to around 2004, including the role of Eric Drexler and Richard Smalley … Continue reading this entry

2012 Remarkable Year for U.S. Nanotechnology Patenting - Over 4,000 Nanotechnology Applications Published

The nanotechnology patent filing boom continues. In 2012, the USPTO published 4,098 nanotechnology class 977 applications, which represents a 19.2% increase over last year. By way of comparison, in 2008, the USPTO published only 827 nanotechnology applications, and in 2009, only 1,499. Hence, the number has almost tripled in three years. This patenting trend is consistent, as … Continue reading this entry

Nanotechnology: "What About the Next 60 Years?" (OSTP/PCAST Report)

PCAST recently submitted a very interesting, readable, and searchable report to the OSTP on federal policy for the future of basic research funding and commercialization (124 page pdf).  Nanotechnology was mentioned on page 22 as an example of benefits of basic research including its influence on energy: “-Nanotechnology research, on the heels of coordinated Federal investment, … Continue reading this entry

Lamar Smith New Chair of House Committee on Science, Space and Technology; Impact on NNI?

In a move which could favorably impact the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), House Congressional Republicans recently selected Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) to chair the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. Rep. Smith has been a supporter of nanotechnology, having sponsored legislation such as HR 5940 to improve the National Nanotechnology Initiative. A statement released … Continue reading this entry

Nanotechnology Meets Spiderman and Robots (ok, Bio-inspired Adhesives) !

I saw this recent BBC article re spiderman and nanotechnology – enjoy.  The article notes the technology of one company, nanoGriptech, which is a spin-off company from Carnegie Mellon University (see Professor Metin Sitti).  More generally, the article relates to bio-inspired adhesives (see geckos, for example) and applications with robotics.  NanoGriptech was funded early on by … Continue reading this entry

Nanotech Patent Publication Record Explosion Continues for 2012

Patent publications continued last week on Thursday, despite Thanksgiving. We checked. The USPTO continues to be on pace to publish about 4,000 nanotech class 977 patent publications in 2012. This would be a record as the previous high last year was 3,439. This record explosion is a solid, long-term trend, representing a substantive increase of at least 15%, as noted … Continue reading this entry

Advanced Materials Subject of Supreme Court Petition in Collaborative Research Context

W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. is now petitioning to the Supreme Court over a long-running case involving joint inventorship law. In an era of collaborative research, joint inventorship law continues to be a critical aspect of groups and individuals communicating with each other over technology innovation. The technology behind the patent issue is the Gore-Tex(R) expanded polytetrafluoroethylene advanced material … Continue reading this entry

Commercialization of Self-Healing Coatings: AMI Funded in Round B

Miracles of nature and science are all around us, and one of them is the abilty of an organism to heal itself.  If skin is cut, the skin can repair itself.  Can that concept also be applied to synthetic materials and coatings?  One company trying to commercialize the concept is Autonomic Materials, Inc. (AMI).  In … Continue reading this entry

From Band-Aids to ______________ - Ten Ways Nanotech is Used Right Now (And Don't Even Know It!)

MSNBC web page today has posted an excellent brief piece on ten ways nanotech is being used now and people may not even know it.  We recommend looking.  Number one was band-aids; others are cool; but they finish with an eye-opener…. not necessarily appropriate for a law firm blog arguably ?  Please read and enjoy.… Continue reading this entry

Carnegie Mellon University Breaks Ground for New Building to Include Nanotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, and Energy Innovations

Congratulations to Carnegie Mellon University for breaking ground on a new energy/nanotech-related building last weekend, as they report on their university webpage: “Under sunny skies that were later punctuated with daytime pyrotechnics, the excitement was palpable as Carnegie Mellon University broke ground for Sherman and Joyce Bowie Scott Hall — future home to the university’s … Continue reading this entry

High Throughput, Inexpensive DNA Sequencing Hitting Main Stream Media (Secret Killer App for Nanotech)

Good to see: high throughput, inexpensive DNA sequencing is being featured on NPR this week in a series entitled the $1,000 Genome. Many of the technologies for this revolution in sequencing, of course, relate closing to or directly are nanotechnology (e.g., nanopore, microfluidic, and/or lab-on-a-chip technologies). Personalized medicine depends on it. More generally, the interface between biology and electronics is one of the most … Continue reading this entry

Hydraulic Fracturing Patent Literature on the Rise (With Nanotech Contributions)!

Patent filings which refer to hydraulic fracturing are on the rise. In fact, the number appears to have almost doubled in the past five years. This is based on a review of the published patent applications at the USPTO web site. In 2012, pro-rated as of today, there should be about 473 patent applications publishing. In 2007, that … Continue reading this entry

Nanotechnology Patent Filing Explosion Continues on a Record Pace in 2012

We confirm that a nanotechnology patent filing explosion continues at a record pace in 2012 as we enter the final trimester of the year. On July 8, 2012, we reported that the USPTO was on pace to publish a record number of class 977 nanotechnology patent applications (over 4,000). This was also noted in past postings and … Continue reading this entry

USPTO Has Now Published Over 2,000 Nanotechnology Patent Applications in 2012: The Explosion Continues

The USPTO has now in 2012, as of July 5, published 2,137 patent applications falling within the nanotech 977 classification. If that publication rate continues, 2012 will be another record year for nanotech patent application publishing at the USPTO. Aproximately 4,000 will publish this year if the trend continues. Last year, a record 3,439 nanotech 977 applications were published, so … Continue reading this entry

Nanotechnology in the Popular News for Skin Treatments, Gene Regulation and siRNA Methods

The popular news webpage msnbc.com is featuring an article in their health section on bio nanotechnology with headline, “Gene healing in a lotion? Researchers say they’re close.” Northwestern University research is highlighted, coming from the laboratories of Professor Chad Mirkin. The technology, as you can read, relates to siRNA methods. This an active area of nanotechnology with potentially blockbuster … Continue reading this entry