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Critical Materials a Post-Election Priority for Obama Administration, OSTP

The OSTP has provided updated information noting two efforts by the Obama administration related to materials. This includes the older Materials Genome Initiative and the newer Critical Materials Initiative (a Department of Energy program). Other efforts from the Obama administration in connecting technology and economic policy include the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership. The Materials Genome Initiative is now about a … Continue reading this entry

Nanotechnology: "What About the Next 60 Years?" (OSTP/PCAST Report)

PCAST recently submitted a very interesting, readable, and searchable report to the OSTP on federal policy for the future of basic research funding and commercialization (124 page pdf).  Nanotechnology was mentioned on page 22 as an example of benefits of basic research including its influence on energy: “-Nanotechnology research, on the heels of coordinated Federal investment, … Continue reading this entry

Updates With Materials Genome Initiative, $25M Grants Announced; Complex IP Issues?

The Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) recently announced updates with the Materials Genonme Initiative (MGI). $25M in grants are noted, and the awardees include universities, national laboratories, and private sector companies (e.g., GM). Collaboration continues to be a strong theme. Collaboration usually sounds good and makes sense in many contexts, particularly for purely basic research … Continue reading this entry

Predicting the Properties of Nanomaterials: Nanotech Moving Ahead

The Materials Genome Initiative received a boost this week when the OSTP (Office of Science Technology Policy) announced important updates. Several of these relate directly to nanotechnology. For example, the NNI (National Nanotechnology Initiative) has now set fourth its fourth signature initiative, called Nanotechnology Knowledge Infrastructure (NKI). A key aspect of NKI is predicting the properties of … Continue reading this entry

$14 Billion Spent on Nanotech: Now the U.S. Government Wants Your Input—by August 15

Did you know the federal government has spent $14 billion on nanotech since 2001 via the NNI?  As noted recently by InformationWeek, the government (OSTP) now wants to hear your ideas on how best to push into the future with nanotech. OSTP expresses particular interest in how nanotech can facilitate cleantech, while at the same time … Continue reading this entry