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From Visioneers to 3D Printing - Where is Nanotech Going?

Another interesting nanotechnology book recently appeared, The Visioneers, by W. Patrick McCray, 2013, 323 pages, $29.95 hardback at Barnes & Noble (“How a group of elite scientists pursued space colonies, nanotechnologies, and a limitless future”). One focus in this book is on the history of nanotechnology up to around 2004, including the role of Eric Drexler and Richard Smalley … Continue reading this entry

University Patenting and Large Damage Awards - Latest Development

This week, press reports show Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) received a large, jury damage award ($1.17B) in a patent infringement lawsuit. This significant development is part of the on-going important policy dialog about university patenting, as noted in the attached press report link. Apparently, the patents arose out of the CMU Data Storage Systems Center (DSSC) (see US … Continue reading this entry

Carbon Nanotubes Continue to Amaze from 9 nm to 32 Feet

Carbon nanotubes continue to demonstrate amazing versatility. For example, IBM recently announced 9 nm transistors that outperform silicon. Nanocomp makes larger carbon nanotube structures and show, on their web page, 32 foot sheets. The web page, www.nano.gov, is doing a better job in 2012 compared to 2011 in conveying updates in the nanotech world, including the IBM development … Continue reading this entry

Nanotech, Cleantech, and Printed Electronics Technology News

I was impressed recently by all of the truly exciting innovations and science policy issues which are now reported in the media so fast that it has become difficult to keep up. Recall the saying: so many books; so little time! For example, nanotech, cleantech, and printed electronics were all featured in the last Economist … Continue reading this entry

Russian Investment in Plastic Logic - Think Global

Media reports show Plastic Logic is to receive up to $700 million in a deal with Rusnano.  The money will help finance construction of a plastic electronics fabrication plant in Zelenograd, outside Moscow. Think global: The international intrigue demonstrates the span of possibilities for those who think globally in their business planning. This also further demonstrates … Continue reading this entry

Connecting the Dots in 2011: Cleantech, Nanotech, and Printed Electronics

We have previously noted the needed connections between nanotechnology and printed electronics. And we also previously addressed the needed connections between nanotechnology and cleantech. Not surprisingly, an important component for cleantech is printed electronics, completing this "triangle" of connections. Illustrating these connectivities, for example, a nanomaterial can be printed as part of fabricating a printed electronic feature of … Continue reading this entry