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Nanotechnology Meets Spiderman and Robots (ok, Bio-inspired Adhesives) !

I saw this recent BBC article re spiderman and nanotechnology – enjoy.  The article notes the technology of one company, nanoGriptech, which is a spin-off company from Carnegie Mellon University (see Professor Metin Sitti).  More generally, the article relates to bio-inspired adhesives (see geckos, for example) and applications with robotics.  NanoGriptech was funded early on by … Continue reading this entry

State Funding of "Home Grown" Versus Existing Companies—New Report Advocates Funding Home Grown Companies

An important theme in nanotechnology is state government pushing for economic development through funding of nanotechnology high-tech start-up companies and university technology transfer. Adding to this push, a recent report suggests that state governments should increasingly fund “home grown” high-tech start-ups rather than provide money to established companies. Home grown, turns out, provides better return for … Continue reading this entry

Public Trading of Patent License Rights: Has the Search for a Reasonable Royalty Come to an End?

The “reasonable royalty,” that mythical and highly elusive number that some expert witnesses have built careers on, may at long last condense out of the ether. As Law360 has reported, Intellectual Property Exchange International (“IPXI“) may soon become the first financial exchange for selling patent licensing rights as units (similar to stocks). As a result, … Continue reading this entry

AuraSense Strikes Gold to Treat Cardiovascular Disease

Nano biotechnology innovations offer some of the more promising opportunities for the development of medical imaging and diagnostic tools.  According to U.S. Patent Application Publication No. 2009/0324706, assigned on its face to Northwestern University, gold-nanoparticles can be used to direct the synthesis of structures on which lippid bilayers may be supported.  Because the lippid structures sequester cholesterol, the structures can be imaged in localized regions … Continue reading this entry

Lithium-Ion Battery Start-Ups Gain Stimulus Funding

If A123Systems receipt of a $249 million Department of Energy grant and later success as the largest IPO of 2009 was any indicator, battery start-ups in 2010 are likely to lead the wave of cleantech success. For example, hybrid cars are taking on an increasing portion of the automotive market and in turn, the development of efficient lithium-ion batteries is a continuing hot … Continue reading this entry

Connecting Nanotechnology, the Economy, and IP Law - Part 1

During a down economy, many nanotechnology companies rely heavily on government grants as the influx of funds from private investors decreseases.  As a result, these companies become particularly sensitive to IP disputes since many grants place limits on the use of funds to subsidize legal costs.  In some cases, nanotechnology companies may risk bankruptcy if issues dealling with  trade secret misappropriation, determintation of joint or sole inventorship, … Continue reading this entry

A123Systems Awarded $249 Million Grant

Venture capital investment and government grants fuel the greentech explosion in the United States. However, due to the recent economic downturn, money from venture capital has been dwindling to a trickle. In fact, many predict that as much as half of U.S. venture capital firms will disappear as a result of the current economic downturn (House Select … Continue reading this entry